Miami, FL (January 24, 2008).- WSBS-Mega TV is pleased to announce that the renowned actor, film director and comedian, Alexis Valdés, will debut his new show on Monday, January 28, at 9 p.m. on Mega TV, Channel 22 in Miami (and 10 p.m. PT, on DirecTV Más Channel 405 nationwide)

“Mega TV is aware that the Hispanic audience residing in the United States desires more and better quality comedy programming...because laughter is cathartic...because laughter keeps us young and optimistic,” said Cynthia Hudson-Fernández, Chief Creative Officer and Executive Vice President of SBS.  “If it is about making people laugh, there is nobody better than Alexis Valdés, and for that reason we are confident in the success of his show,” she concluded.

“The name of the show is a secret tightly kept under lock and key. It’s my hour... but the name will be a surprise to my loyal audience – an audience that I am so grateful for and which I expect will honor us with their preference from the very first show,” commented Alexis Valdés, who has received major international awards such as the “SEBASTIÁ GUASH” and the “ANCLA de ORO “in Spain.

The show will feature a team of internationally renowned actors who will support the guests and situations that characterize the variety TV show that has made him famous. “Alexis’ show will present segments that are very different from those seen on similar formats. First and foremost, it’s about the multifaceted showman himself, who is an accomplished host, comedian, actor and singer. Secondly, the production values that Mega TV delivers are superior to those he had previously done. It’s a more modern look…that corresponds to the innovative and superior programming found on Mega TV,” commented Eduardo Suarez, Vice President of Production of Mega TV.

Do not miss Alexis Valdés’ new comedy/variety show starting Monday, January 28, 2008, every Monday through Friday at 9:00 PM on MEGA TV Channel 22 in Miami and 10:00 PM PST on DirecTV Más Channel 405 nationwide.