Pablo Raúl Alarcón, Sr. is our founder and was our Chairman of the board of directors from March 1983 until November 2, 1999, when he became Chairman Emeritus. Mr. Alarcón, Sr. continues to be one of our directors. Mr. Alarcón, Sr. has been involved in Spanish-language radio broadcasting since the early 1950’s when he established his first radio station in Camagüey, Cuba. Upon his arrival in the United States, Mr. Alarcón, Sr. continued his career in radio broadcasting and was an on-air personality for a New York radio station before being promoted to programming director. Mr. Alarcón, Sr. subsequently owned and operated a recording studio and an advertising agency before purchasing our first radio station in 1983. Mr. Alarcón, Sr. is Raúl Alarcón, Jr.’s father.