Job Title
Podcast Producer

About SBS:

As a pioneer in Spanish-language media, SBS has always been at the forefront of the evolution of Hispanic entertainment in the U.S. In this era of technological advancements and media convergence, SBS is poised to capitalize on its vast array of proprietary content across multiple platforms. Our unwavering commitment is to create exceptional, high-quality branded entertainment that resonates deeply with the Hispanic consumer. Our impressive growth on the web with and the promising reception of our latest venture, the podcast initiative, are testament to SBS’ long-term strategy. By seamlessly delivering content through diverse channels, we not only maximize revenue but also extend the reach of our beloved brands. SBS remains steadfast in our leadership position in today’s dynamic and ever-expanding U.S. Hispanic market, and we are determined to continue pushing boundaries and shaping the future of Hispanic media.

Position Summary

As a Podcast Producer, you will be building a dedicated team to direct, plan, and build a national podcast platform. Develop marketing efforts to grow the audience, awareness, and revenue for the podcast division.

At SBS we are proud to be a hands-on, fast-moving, and always evolving company. The ideal candidate thrives in a fast-moving environment, has an entrepreneurial mindset, is a great cultural fit, and brings the appropriate structure to ambiguous, often rapidly changing environments.

Key Accountabilities

  • Help create the vision and strategy for SBS’ newly formed podcast division.
  • Work with talents on the development and production of the podcast channel.
  • Develop marketing plans to measure the effectiveness of the strategies that were intended to raise the profile of the podcasts and the hosts.
  • Develop new and innovative strategies to engage the audience, build up fan communities across platforms and raise awareness of the podcast channel.
  • Collaborate with the Podcast Marketing team to develop a paid strategy to support growth benchmarks.
  • Ensure that all podcast ads are running smoothly and effectively.
  • Improve the podcast channel’s performance by monitoring, evaluation, and providing recommendations.
  • Partner with stakeholders across the organization to build and sustain successful podcasts, including periodic check-ins through communicating, and engaging with the head of Digital, and digital operations teams to assess performance.
  • Work with the communications team to develop plans and earned opportunities for hit shows and key talent.
  • Support the development and production of live podcasts, including compelling audio storytelling as well as engaging video production.
  • Lead the promotion and marketing of the podcasts shows.

Supervisory Responsibilities

  • Oversee the podcast engineer and collaborate with a new editor.
  • Provide guidance, support, and mentorship to the podcast engineer.
  • Facilitate successful execution of audio production and technical aspects of podcast creation.
  • Lead the recruitment, selection, and onboarding process of the new editor.
  • Establish clear expectations and foster a collaborative working relationship.
  • Monitor performance, provide feedback, and maintain a positive work environment.
  • Inspire and motivate the team to deliver high-quality podcast episodes; Strong communication, organizational, and supervisory skills required.

Required Experience & Skills

  • Proven track record in podcast marketing, with previous experience in successfully promoting and growing podcasts.
  • Extensive knowledge and understanding of the podcast industry, including current trends, key players, and audience demographics.
  • Demonstrated expertise in producing engaging video programs and/or documentaries, showcasing a strong ability to captivate viewers and drive their continued interest.
  • Highly creative individual who excels at storytelling, effectively engaging listeners/viewers to establish a loyal and dedicated following.
  • Excellent collaborative skills, capable of working harmoniously with diverse stakeholders such as podcast hosts, producers, and marketing teams.
  • Thrives in a fast-paced environment, effectively managing multiple projects and deadlines while maintaining a high level of quality and attention to detail.
  • Solutions-oriented mindset, continuously seeking innovative strategies to optimize podcast marketing efforts and achieve growth targets.
  • Passionate about learning and personal growth, displaying enthusiasm for staying updated on industry developments and implementing new marketing techniques.
  • Strong network and connections with external podcast networks is a valuable asset.
  • Bilingual fluency in both English and Spanish, with exceptional verbal and written communication skills in both languages.
  • Proficient in podcast marketing, digital marketing, and growth marketing strategies, leveraging various platforms and techniques to maximize audience reach and engagement.
  • Solid video and audio production skills, adept at creating compelling content that resonates with the target audience.
  • Possesses a creative and analytical mindset, able to think outside the box and develop innovative marketing campaigns that drive results.

Why work for SBS?

Spanish Broadcasting Systems (SBS) offers a unique and exciting opportunity to be part of the leading Hispanic-focused media company in the industry. By joining our team, you will become an integral part of shaping and influencing the landscape of Spanish-language broadcasting. We take pride in our rich heritage and commitment to serving the vibrant Hispanic community with compelling content and innovative programming. At SBS, you will be surrounded by a diverse and talented group of professionals who share a passion for media, creativity, and cultural connectivity. We foster a collaborative and inclusive work environment where your ideas and contributions are valued and recognized. With access to state-of-the-art facilities and cutting-edge technologies, you will have the tools to bring your ideas to life and create impactful experiences for our audience. Additionally, SBS provides ample opportunities for personal and professional growth, with ongoing learning and development programs designed to enhance your skills and advance your career. If you are seeking a dynamic and rewarding career in the world of Spanish-language broadcasting, SBS is the place to be. Join us and be part of a team that is making a difference in the lives of millions of people every day.