Job Title
Chief Engineer for the Engineering Department

Spanish Broadcasting System (SBS) New York Office is looking for a competent Chief Engineer for the Engineering Department.

Job Duties:

Manages the installation, maintenance and repair of studio, transmitting, IT, and ancillary equipment in order to maintain competitive signals in the market while complying with all FCC technical requirements. Oversee maintenance and repair of physical plant for studio building and transmitter site. Includes responsibility for telecommunications, computer, and networking systems.

General Responsibilities::

*Establishes maintenance procedures for all broadcast equipment.
*Responsible for overseeing facility maintenance (HVAC, Generator, Elevator, Sprinkler, and UPS systems, etc).
*Knowledge of general construction, plumbing, and electrical wiring techniques.
*Responsible for maintaining and keeping in proper working order all FM and HD transmission facilities, studios, and various other electrical/mechanical equipment found at radio stations.
*Oversees the installation and maintenance of control consoles, audio routers, DAW production recording equipment, microphones, digital audio systems, transmitters, antenna systems, remote control equipment, etc.
*Responsibilities include compliance with FCC rules and regulations, including Public File maintenance and EAS, and 24/7 on-call tech support.
*Oversee building access system, creating new access accounts as needed. Assist with setup of new hire IT accounts and office accommodations including furniture, PC workstations, and telephone extensions.
*Handle local market support for all office Mac and PC desktop workstations as assigned by Corporate MIS department.

Required Knowledge,Skills & Abilities:

* Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
* Excellent management skills.
* Interact with management and staff at all levels and ability to multi-task, delegate and handle deadlines.
* Knowledge of all applicable FCC rules and regulations.
* Advanced experience with radio station audio routing, digital audio delivery, EAS, Studio, PBX Telephone, and broadcast IT systems
* Computer literacy in applicable software packages which may include (Microsoft OS and Office Suite,  Wide Orbit Automation Systems, etc.)
* Ability to troubleshoot broadcast equipment to the component level.
* Seasoned level of experience in RF engineering and an ability to work independently to troubleshoot/repair high-power FM transmitting facilities.
* IT skills including AD administration, printer administration, as well as local area and wide area networking.
* Able to interface with staff and outside vendors as needed.* Problem-solving ability and skill in prioritizing CapEx budgeting.
* Knowledge of electrical systems, UPS, and standby generators.
* Knowledge of telecom protocols including POTS, ISDN, T1, DSL and PRI circuits.
* Must be able to lift 50 pounds.

Please send your resume and contact information to Jose Cartagena, Station Manager WSKQ/WPAT at

Spanish Broadcasting System (SBS) is an Equal Opportunity Employer.